Our Black Belt testing process for ranks up to and including Godan (fifth degree black belt) is an eight-month process beginning in August. It consists of four major parts.

  1. Special training beginning in September and continuing through the end of November. Candidates are given a list of classes at select dojos from across the Association and are required to attend at least two per month.
  2. Butokukai Intramural participation is included with the black belt testing fee. Candidates are required to participate in the Kata, Kumite and (for the Junior ranks) Sparring divisions. Trophy achievement is not necessary for advancement to the Black Belt Test. This purely serves as a “pretest” to help the candidates prepare for their presentation of their curriculum.
  3. Black Belt Testing is scheduled for January. Candidates will perform all their curriculum (junior sparring is qualified during the intramural process) in front of a panel of senior Black Belts. Those who do not pass will be allowed to attempt their test again in one of three make-up tests.
  4. The History and Terminology Test is administered at the candidates’ home dojo and must be completed before moving on to the graduation process. Click here for the study guide.

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