Black Belt Testing


Congratulations on the next step you are taking with your martial arts training. Even with martial arts becoming more and more popular, few ever get to the point of being considered for black belt. The fact that you are reading this letter speaks volumes about your many positive attributes.

To help get you ready for this next step as a black belt, you are invited to a series of Special Training classes. Ultimately, your eligibility for testing will be based upon your time of practice and your performance level. It is highly recommended that you work out in as many regularly scheduled classes  as possible to further prepare you for the pretest.

Please make sure to look through our quick start guide in order to see all the steps you will take during the testing cycle.

Do your best and good luck!




Marcus Traynor

Uechiryu Butokukai Black Belt Test Administrator



Buzz Durkin's Uechiryu Butokukai © 2016

Buzz Durkin's Uechiryu Butokukai © 2016