The Schools of Buzz Durkin’s Uechiryu Butokukai

Our mission is to make our students more successful in life through their practice of Uechi Karate at our schools. We do this by teaching our Karate as a complete discipline (Mind, Body and Spirit), which in addition to developing physical defense, encourages the formation of high personal standards and respect for fellow men and women. Through our practice and teaching, and our student service culture we strive daily to produce individuals who are positive, respected and contributing members of our society.
Our Association is called the Uechiryu Butokukai. Founded by Sensei Durkin in 1984, the Uechiryu Butokukai consists of the parent dojo (Atkinson, NH) and those dojos whose founders are students of Sensei Durkin. The word “Butokukai” is derivative of the traditional name given the parent dojo (“Butokukan”) by our seniors in Okinawa. “Bu” (martial) “toku” (virtue) “kai” (gathering). Uechi Ryu Butokukai: Gathering of students who are practicing the virtues of the martial arts.
The Uechi Ryu Butokukai is an association of independently owned Uechi karate schools dedicated to the growth of high quality Uechi karate. The mission of each school within the association is to make its students more successful in life through the practice of Uechi style karate. The Association consists of below listed dojos and over 2000 practicing students.

Buzz Durkin’s Uechi Karate School (Butokukan) – Atkinson, NH

T. Rose’s Uechi Karate Dojo – Northborough, MA

Dan Dovidio’s Uechi Karate – Manchester, NH

Cameron’s Uechi Karate Dojo – Ossipee, NH

Allan Azoff’s Martial Arts Academy – Lexington, MA

Neil Stone’s Karate Academy – Brookline, NH

Bill Adam’s Uechi Karate – Melrose, MA

Gloucester Uechi Karate Academy – Gloucester, MA

Dionne’s Karate School – Methuen, MA

White Mountain Karate – Holderness, NH

Randall School of Karate – Exeter, NH

Peter Pippos Karate Center – Acton, MA

School of Warrior Arts – Windham, NH

603 Karate – Northfield, NH