Junior Students Converting to an Adult Rank

Congratulations on the next step you are taking with your martial arts training! Even with martial arts becoming more and more popular, few ever get to the point of being considered for black belt. The fact that you are reading this letter speaks volumes about your many positive attributes.

To help get you ready for this next step as a black belt, you are invited to a series of Special Training classes. Ultimately, your eligibility for testing will be based upon your time of practice and your performance level. It is highly recommended that you work out in as many regularly scheduled classes as possible to further prepare you for the pretest.

Please make sure to look through our Step by Step Guide below in order to see all the steps you will take during the testing cycle. Do your best and good luck!

Black Belt Test Step by Step Guide

  1. Please fill out your ONLINE APPLICATION right away. This is to register you with the Uechiryu Butokukai for all of this year’s testings and training classes. (Official Black Belt Testing Applications will be handed in by the candidate to their sensei.)
  2. Register for the Uechiryu Butokukai Intramural taking place on November 4th. YOU CAN REGISTER FOR THE INTRAMURAL HERE. Participation in the Intramural is included in the testing fee for those testing for Shodan.
  3. Please turn in all BLACK BELT TESTING Applications and testing fees to your home dojo no later that October 25th.  You may also pay online below.
  4. Please provide a candidate HEADSHOT.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the REQUIREMENTS for your rank.
  6. Attend as many of the PRETEST TRAINING SEMINARS during the month of October as you can. These will help you prepare for the Pretest.
  7. Attend the PRETEST on November 18th. This is MANDATORY for all candidates testing for the first time.
  8. If it is decided that you are going to continue to the testing, then please attend the ADDITIONAL TRAINING CLASSES offered by the various dojos of the Butokukai. These run from December 2017 to the end of January 2018.
  9. During the month of January all candidates will be administered the WRITTEN TEST at their HOME DOJO.
  10. Attend the BLACK BELT TEST at the Atkinson Dojo on Saturday, February 10th.
  11. All candidates who have been determined to have passed their test will be asked to submit pictures and a short write-up for the graduation yearbook.
  12. Graduates will attend the BLACK BELT GRADUATION CEREMONY. Date to be announced.

Test Fee Includes:

  • Uechiryu Butokukai Intramural Registration Click Here to Register
  • Pre-Test Training Classes
  • Black Belt Pre-Test
  • Test Training Classes
  • Black Belt Test
  • Black Belt Graduation (includes two guest tickets)
  • Embroidered Black Belt
  • Black Belt Diploma
  • Soft Cover/Color Yearbook
  • Downloadable Video of the Black Belt Graduation