August 20, 21, & 22 2020 at the Double-Tree By Hilton,Downtown Manchester

Please remember the following:

  1. Fill out the online Application in its entirety (CLICK HERE) by March 31st. The proper completion of this application will assure all records are accurate and that there is no miscommunication regarding your eligibility to test.
    • Please note: You must be recommended by an appropriate Uechi Instructor (i.e. someone who is two levels higher than your current rank) in order to test at SummerFest.
  2. Forward information about yourself
    • Bio: Two or three paragraphs explaining why you began training, what keeps you going and fun Uechi stories.
    • Photos: Fifteen or twenty past and present photos of you teaching, training and even a few outside the dojo. These will be used in the program and on social media (with your permission) to give the participants of this year’s SummerFest a preview of the candidates.
    • Videos: Progressive videos of your training and preparation for your test, as with the photos, these will be used on social media for the purpose of showing how a master gets ready for a test.
  3. Be prepared to Test. The criteria of the test at this year’s SummerFest includes
    • Sanchin
    • Seisan
    • Sanseiryu
    • In addition to your normal training routines, all Master Candidates in the Uechiryu Butokukai are asked to:
      • Show that you are boosting your training in other ways beside Uechi (e.i. Free weight lifting, regular Jogging).
      • Participate in at least four of six training classes, hosted by Mr. Durkin and his seniors at the Atkinson, NH Dojo:
        • TBA
      • Visit the following dojos for “Off-Site” training at least once:
        • Tracy Rose at the Northborough Dojo
        • Allan Azoff at the Lexington Dojo
        • Neil Stone at the Hollis Dojo
  4. Be in attendance for Thursday night’s Master’s Test.
  5. Be in attendance for both Friday and Saturday’s Training Sessions. Participants of this year’s SummerFest are there to excel in their training as a martial artists. Participating in the training seminars, gives them an opportunity to see you in action and, in some cases, get a chance to know you.
  6. Be prepared to demonstrate a kata or drill at the Graduation Ceremony. This can be anything you would like to do. Historically, many graduates have chosen their favorite kata to perform and have performed kumite or quick drills of their own design. We ask that all performances stay under two minutes in length.
  7. Be prepared to enjoy yourself with a guest at the Banquet.